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One of the oldest and Reliable High Speed File Hosting. Price Start From Only RM43.90.

Uploaded Premium Account

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Unlimited parallel Downloads at maximum download speed. Price Start From only RM21.99

FileParadox Premium Account

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Enjoy High Speed Downloads and Special Features! Premium Account Start from only RM55.99

Q: What I get if I buy from you?

A: You'll receive a unique premium account voucher codes. To activate or renew your file hosting premium account, insert unique voucher codes from us, according to the instructions given in our Email.

Q: I have my existing file hosting account, can I use the voucher codes to extend my account?

A: Yes, you can. In fact, we do include the instruction inside the email.

Q: Someone offer me a file hosting account with username and password, should I accept it?

A: Authorized reseller is only allows to distribute voucher codes (Except Uploaded, OBOOM and Rapidgator). So, if someone offer you an account with username and password, please DO NOT accept. Do Not Risk Getting Your File Hosting Account Banned.

Q: Why you price is so low and even lower than official price?

A: We are buying accounts in bulk so we able to pass the saving to our customer. Our mission is to provide lower cost premium account with local secure payment options.

Q: What I need to do after I make payment?

A: Please submit payment form to indicate you was made payment.

Q: Which payment methods are you accepted?

A: We accept payment via Maybank , Public Bank, CIMB (internet bank transfer / cash deposit machine / deposit over counter / cheque), Inter Bank Transfer (Transfer fund from other bank to our maybank, Public Bank or CIMB bank account).

Q: Where is your voucher code comes from?

A: We are an official authorized reseller and distributor. The voucher codes is supply from official file hosting service providers.

Q: How long I can get my voucher codes after I submit payment notification?

A: After your payments is verified and you'll be able to receive voucher code immediately. This process usually take one business day. However, If you did not get any response from us after 2 business days, please contact us.

Q: Can I get replacement voucher code if I lost it?

A: A replacement will be issued providing the voucher code that issues to you has never been used. We do not charges any replacement fees.

Q: Any possible to get refund if I do not want to use my voucher anymore?

A: Yes, refund is possible providing the voucher codes that issues to you before has never been used before. A 15% of refund fees will be charged. That's no refund if the voucher codes has been activated / used.

Q: Currently I already have premium account and 3 days is remaining, what happen if I apply voucher code immediately?

A: After you applied the voucher code, the voucher validity period plus remianing validty period will be added up together.
Example: Kelvin received and applied a 30 days voucher codes and his current premium account validity period remain 3 days. So, after applied the voucher codes, Kelvin premium account will be expired after 33 days.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Please visit to our Support System or send an email to